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The project

In 2017 we have raised funds for about 3 wells in the Northern part of Kenya. The reason is that we see that in small communities (about 500 people or less) there is a big lack of safe clean drinking water. Our team in North Kenya will make the shallow boreholes with the FloFlo drill system . Hopefully we can raise funds for more of these kind of wells. So if you help us with funding, we can help more small communities in this dry region of Kenya or other places in Africa. A well like the one you can see with the link below, cost about $3500 (depends on the presence of rocks in the soil and the depth).

A film of the making of a well in North Kenya (Ngurunit, Samburu county) you can see with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWJZUTDBqKo

Our standard well. A round or square platform (dia. 3 meter), an Afridev handpump, a fence around the well (on this picture it is a tempory situation: normally it is mesh wire with an entrance door) and a drain for wasted water