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Lokaal en simpel Local and simple

Wateroplossingen voor de derde wereld. Water solutions for the third world

Doneer Direct

Schoon drinkwater en betere hygiëne Clean water and better hygienics

WellWishes begeleidt plaatselijk gevormde teams in Kenia. Met een volledig handmatig bediende boorinstallatie drinkwaterputten maken in het eerste grondwater. Deze putten zijn volledig gesloten, voorzien van een handpomp en kunnen niet worden vervuild.

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De kracht van het lokale initiatief Power of local iniative

Een lokale aanpak, dat is waar wij voor staan.

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WellWishes is a small, but flexible and well supported non-profit organization. The foundation of this association originates from the technical know-how provided by years of experience in the field of civic engineering as taught by Windesheim University of applied sciences.

We support local drilling teams with technical solutions and entrepreneurship.

Now we support two drilling teams in Kenya and Uganda who can make shallow wells all by manpower.
These teams can also operate in the surrounding countries.

– Because of the big demand for a FLOFLO drillingsystem we decided to start a building project at the Don Bosco Technical School in Nairobi.

The first part of the prototype is now constructed and tested at a well project in Kwale.

Because of the good result we have decided that the drill can be produced for interested NGO’s. (For more info see “The drill” page.) 


Drill production info/support:

can be given by the “producer/manager” of Don Bosco Kenya: Francis Mulu,

tel.: +254 795 693 423

General and Drill production info/support:

can be given by “technical support of WellWishes NL”: Fred van Dishoeck,

tel.: +31 384 656 470 or +31 651 338 715

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