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The drill

WellWishes chooses for their drilling their WeeWee system but also support users of the FLOFLO.


The WeeWee drill operates on a simple principle. By employing a hoist using a three legged tower, the drill pipe (diggy) is hoisted by an attached rope. By swinging the rope the drillbit (and cutting edge) hits the ground. As a result the soil, hit by the drillbit, will split even if the soil is rocky. The bailer (baily) pulls out the soil. By repeating this process the well is drilled by using man power. The advantages of using the WeeWee are many:
Simple: It’s easy to use, anyone can do it.
Effective: Both cost effective and efficient. With it’s ease of use the drill can be operated in remote regions by small teams. With it’s transport ability and ease of use, drilling for water in remote locations is made easier. The drill can also provide the owner with the means to starting a small business, drilling for water on locations.
Inexpensive: As people learn to drill and maintain the drill, they are no longer reliant on external companies to provide expensive water wells . The materials to maintain the drill can be locally sourced and are inexpensive. There are no oil or gasoline engines required as the drilling is done by manpower.
Sustainable: Multiple wells can be drilled . It is a reusable system allowing for relocation.
Health & Environment: With water comes life. Access to water opens up a range of possibilities for farming and irrigation which in turn provides crops and a means to make a living. The well contains a hole covered by PVC pipes. Once the well is complete water will be obtained via a pump. This is a closed system so the risk of disease is minimal. Providing clean and safe drinking water to whole communities.

WellWishes has made an agreement with the “Don Bosco Foundation”in Nairobi, Kenya to let them produce a new drilling high quality system with some modifications, which we sorted out by practical use.
The production was successful and after a practical test of the WeeWee it sorted out that Don Bosco can provide customers with the new designed drill called the “WeeWee”.
All the aspects like selling and after sales will be done by Don Bosco Nairobi.
WellWishes Kenya can provide you with a course: How to make a well with the WeeWee.
Technical support and questions about aspects like: which pump is recommended and other useful info about making a shallow well, will be done by WellWishes NL.

October 2019: We have tested the prototype in Kwale with the making of a well and our modifications worked out as we aspect!

Latest news: The WeeWee is now available. Selling will be done by WWKenya. Selling price: € 3450,- (about Ksh 400.000) Information:  info@WellWishes.nl 


The drill system in action

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