A new students project

One of the problems in some communities in North Kenya is the lack of ground water in dry periods of the year.

This is the reason that WellWishes starts a study¬†project with students of “Windesheim University of applied sciences” in the Netherlands.

The students will examine how the rivers in this part of Kenya can more effective drain their water into the soil.

In the rainy season rivers get a lot of water in a short time. This water flows very fast through the river but doesn’t get the time to drain into the dry river bank, so there is only a few refill of the ground water level.

There are all kind of methods to make this water flow slower but which system is the best in the place where you need more refilling?

Therefore they will gather all kind of information about the rainfall, the flow, types of the soil, the average height of the ground water at these days, and more.

All these information’s will be the base for a report which WellWishes can use in the future to help the people with their water problems.

An other part of their project is a study of what you need (knowledge, materials, funds, etc) when you want to make a drainage system with the possibilities and the help of the local people.

Also: What is the best system you can use in the place where there is a problem.

The goal for WellWishes is to make solutions that: are simple, are cheap, are effective and can be done with a local team (trained by WellWishes) with the help of people of the community.

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