Gift of Rotary Clubs

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We were pleased with the gift of an extra Floflo drill system from the Netherlands Rotary club Goes-de Bevelanden, the English Rotary club Gravesend and Meopham and the French Rotary club Dunkerque-Horizons. The first thing what we will do with this drill is to research some improvements done by students of Windesheim University. After this project we will sent this drill to Zambia, Kenya or another country in Africa where the need of safe fresh water is high and where we can train a native team how to handle with this drill. We and the people in dry regions of Africa are very glad with this gift. Thanks to this kind of gifts we can offer more people in dry regions safe and fresh drinking water. At this moment we have had gifts for the realization of two wells to serve about 1000 people with safe fresh water. The first location is known: a place 15 km north from our first place (Ngurunit) with a population of about 500 people. For the other location we have contact with our Kenian friends who know all the needs of this region. In this part of Kenya there are a lot of people who has a big lack of drinking water and the big NGO’s don’t make boreholes in small communities. That is why Wellwishes try to serve these communities with wells. If you want to donate, we and the people in this dry region of Kenya will be very pleased! You can find all the details of our bankaccount on this site.

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